Thursday, December 19, 2013

Strategic Planning

Over the next few weeks, I will be laying out components of my strategic plan for creating new normals for teaching and learning. These blog posts will be a bit scattered, but I will attempt to loosely follow the strategic planning process I learned while pursuing my school administrator's license at Boston University.

In step one, I will describe the goal of the strategic plan and the problem I am trying to solve. This will include both a historical perspective and a description of the current situation. (I suspect that the goal of the plan will shift as I perform the analysis in step two and begin outlining the actual plan in step three.)

In step two, I will analyze the internal and external factors that may hinder or facilitate implementation of the plan. (I haven't quite thought this through, but I'm assuming that the internal factors involve me and my company since we are implementing the plan.)

In step three, I will begin outlining strategies, action steps, and benchmarks of success in a timetable. (Somewhere in step three, I will probably want to go back and revise the work I did in steps one and two. For me, the strategic planning process is cyclical.)

My plan is to focus on my strategic planning between now and the end of the year, but that timing is fluid. I really don't want to begin implementing the plan until the plan has reached a certain level of clarity and cohesiveness. Carving out the next few weeks for strategic planning is just my way of clearing the decks and letting my brain know that it has the time and space to do some deeper thinking.

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